I have had 16 years of restaurant management experience in several chains (Chili’s, Steak and Ale, Brown Derby, for three) ranging from manager trainee to vice president of operations of a regional chain. I have owned 3 independent restaurants and a comedy club. My first restaurant failed. I had been a good restaurant manager, so naturally, I thought I would be a great owner. Not true. There is a world of difference between owning and managing. I did pretty much everything wrong and it failed within seven months.

Thankfully, my second and third restaurants were successful, since I had learned some hard lessons.

Later, I had a mid life crisis, went back to school, and have taught restaurant management at three different US universities. Plus, I taught restaurant management in China twice (Dalian and Xian) and was a Fulbright Scholar in Helsinki, Finland, teaching restaurant management. I have given key note talks in Tallinn, Estonia and at GastroPro, the major hospitality conference in Europe on ‘Why Restaurants Fail’ and “How to be a better restaurant manager”.

I have been an expert witness in cases involving restaurant management.

Lastly, I am the author of the 2021 book, “The New Restaurant Manager: How to get ahead, avoid rookie mistakes, and still have a life”.