Who Else Wants Higher Profits, Group Discounts, & Huge Savings On Natural Gas, Legal Fees, Work Comp Insurance, Credit Card Processing, & More?  

"WE DO!"

Over 1,100 New Mexico Restauranteers Are Taking Advantage Of Thousands Of Dollars In Savings, Legal Help, Operations Support, & Having Their Needs Protected In Government By Being A New Mexico Restaurant Association Member. Shouldn't You Too? 

We Help New Mexico Restaurant Owners Succeed, & Overcome The Biggest Challenges Facing Them Today...

Challenge 1: Cashflow & Financial Health

Your success depends on your financial health...NMRA brings you negotiated discounts on...

 Our members enjoy association savings on Credit & Debit Card processessing, as well as Payroll Services. 

  • iPad-based Point Of Sale System for as little as $69/month.¬†
  • 0% Financing &¬†Exclusive Discount On¬†Lavu POS System
  • Enjoy the easiest-to-use Point of Sale System on the market with up to 25% association discounts.¬†

Did you know that you can buy Natural Gas from New Mexico Gas Company & get huge natural gas savings as an NMRA member? Superior reliable service, NO hassle, NO new gas lines. 

Who couldn't use up to 20% savings on your gas bill?  This NMRA discount has saved individual members $1,200 annually. 

Challenge 2: Rising  Overhead & Operations Costs

  • Up To 20% Savings On Natural Gas!
  • Up to 20% On BMI & Up to 10% Savings On SESAC Music Licensing
  • Special¬†Workers Comp Insurance¬†Package, Especially Tailored For Restaurant Owners & NMRA Members
  • Special savings On Health & Liability Insurance
  • Employer Tax Savings¬†through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
  • Discounts On Server Training...And¬† Much MORE.¬†

We Got YOU Huge Savings On The Most Common Day-To-Day Operations Costs

From playing the right music in your restaurant, to training your cooks and servers, to finding the right workers comp insurance...it can seem like the expenses never stop. But as a NMRA member you can breathe a little easier with special savings on these critical overhead costs.  

Challenge 3: Staying Protected Legally In An Age Of Lawsuits & Liability

Legal Consultations, Employee Handbook, & Insurance Programs At Thousands Of Dollars In Savings

In the age of #METOO, restaurant owners face the risk of lawsuits beyond their control. The first step in keeping yourself protected is having a personalized employee handbook.  You can pay a lawyer up to $1500 to create one for your restaurant, or pay 80% less than that for a full year's NMRA membership & get your own handbook completely FREE. 

  • Employee Handbook ($750 Value)¬†Completely Free, Personalized For Your Restaurant By Roybal Mack Law.¬†¬†
  • Answers To Any Legal Questions (at substantially reduced association rates)
  • NMRA¬†Managed Association-Only Workers Comp Program
  • Special Rates On Mandatory Labor Law Posters & Compliance Supplies
  • And MORE

Challenge 4: Government Attemps To Squeeze More Money From Owners (& Ruin Profit Margins)

NM Restaurant Association CEO Carol Wight (a veteran restaurant owner) & team fight hard in the state government to make sure YOUR rights are protected. Recent win: Stopping the forced sick leave act.  

Don't Just Get Mad, Get YOUR Voice Heard At The Local, State & National Level. 

When the forced sick leave act was on the table, our members let us know how damaging it would be to their businesses. So the New Mexico Restaurant Association fought tirelessly to defeat it at the polls. Is there a regulation that's hurting YOUR restaurant?  Join & have your rights defended! 

Challenge 5: Hiring and Retaining a Professional Workforce


Which will it be? Will you pass your next inspection or...get a red sticker? There is not much worse than the publicity that comes from a bad inspection.  NMRA has member pricing on Food Safety Training.

  • $50 Savings on Food Safety Manager Training.
  • 20% off of Online Alcohol Server and Food Handler Certifications for you employees.¬†
  • ¬†Private classes are available for members only.

Challenge 6: Peer Support, Networking, & Keeping Up With Industry News

Not only do you get the latest, most accurate insider information about the restaurant industry as a NMRA member, you also get the support of your peers and of the people who are on the front lines of the restaurant industry - in New Mexico and the entire USA. It's not just what you know, it's WHO you know too. Don't be left behind!

Growing A Successful Restaurant Is Easier When You Know The Right People & Have The Right Information.  

You need the latest information on Minimum Wage, Immigration, Taxes, Sick Leave, Tipped Wages, Alcohol Regulations, Food Safety Regulations and even some good news ... NMRA keeps you informed.  Join & keep ahead of the information age.

Bottom Line: Together We Are STRONGER

It's Simple. By using our collective power we can enjoy more leverage, higher discounts, & more say in government than we  ever could on our own.  There is POWER in numbers, and in having an experienced team in your corner fighting for you. 

Or Call  505-343-9848 To Speak To Somebody In Person.

Here Are Even More Member-Only Benefits That Start Helping You As Soon As TODAY: 

  • Natural Gas Buying Co-Op
  • Discounts on Music Licensing
  • Great Prices on Credit Card Processing
  • Great Rates on Work Comp Insurance
  • Health and Business Insurance
  • 500 FREE Emails to Your Customers monthly.
  • FREE Employee Handbook
  • Industry News and Important Information You Need
  • Deeply Discounted Education and Training

 What Do Other Restaurant Professionals Like You Have To Say About Their NMRA Membership?

Don't Just Take Our Word For It. See How Your Colleagues Are Benefitting:

“ Do you talk to your US Senators and Representatives about business problems resulting from government actions? NMRA does.
Do you talk to your state Senators and Representatives about those problems? NMRA does.
Do you monitor various state and city department’s (i.e. health department) actions which directly affect your business? NMRA does.
Do you work on developing knowledge and professionalism for our employees? NMRA does. (the #1 provider for food safety training in NM)
Do you help sponsor scholarships  $20,000 annually for New Mexico students interested making a career in our industry? NMRA does.
Do you work with the NM Department of Tourism to bring more customers into the state? NMRA does. (lobbied to get $2.5 million added to the budget)‚ÄĚ

Jerry Harrell of the Double Eagle Restaurant, Mesilla member since 1983

"I"M YOUR BIGGEST FAN....you do the advocacy work for our membership and industry that I do not simply have the time to do myself as an independent owner....and you do it very well!‚ÄĚ

Chris Christy, Owner Operator Black Mesa Coffe Co. Albuquerque Airport - Member since 2006

"The Association‚Äôs work comp program sends me a dividend check and the rates are super. You should check it out!‚ÄĚ

Ed Linderman Applebee's, Village Inn & Corner Bakery - Member since 1994

"The New Mexico Restaurant Association is our very own representative present at all times protecting our interests.‚ÄĚ

Steve Paternoster Owner Scalo Northern Italian Grill & Elain's - Member since 1998

When I first joined the NMRA I was just starting out and in fear of becoming a statistic (you know 4 out of 5 restaurants fail in the first few years). I wanted to be a successful restaurant owner so I joined and I've never looked back. We just opened our 5th bistro and winery.  

Wayne Moore, GM St. Clair Bistro and Winery - Member Since 2010

Calculate Your Membership Costs & Savings:

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Our Mission: To Empower Food & Beverage Professionals by Promoting, Providing, And Protecting What Is Best For All Of Us.

If You Are A Food & Beverage Professional In New Mexico, We are YOUR association!

  • We are your political support team! So you can rest assured your interests are represented and protected.
  • We are your legal support team. You can call us any time with legal and labor questions.
  • We are your food¬†&¬†alcohol safety and education team. You are safe when you get your training with ServSafe and NMRA.

Here for you since 1946

We are YOUR professional organization. Are you frustrated putting out fires (sometimes literally) on a daily basis? Wondering where the next emergency will come from, someone calling in sick or quitting just as you get them trained? Well the New Mexico Restaurant Association (NMRA) is ready to help you put systems in place so you can sleep at night and be on your way to having the successful business you always dreamed you would have.


Our training programs will give you the confidence you need to operate a successful restaurant. OurServSafe food-safety and alcohol certification is recognized nationally and recommended by State Environmental Health Department. Our instructors have experience in the industry and know the daily obstacles you face keeping your food safe to serve to the public.  As a member, you receive significant discounts on all of our training programs.


You will also be relieved to know, as a member, you have a voice in government. Legislators and regulators consistently consult us. We protect our industry from particularly troublesome laws with a professional staff of qualified lobbyists. As a member of NMRA you are automatically a member of the National Restaurant Assocation and receive all of their benefits as well. 

Or Call 505-343-9848 & Get Help Immediately.

Still Not Sure?

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