Woman Washing Hand Under RunningKeeping norovirus at bay and saving your restaurant from a situation like the one Chipotle has been facing lately can save you from a hard year. Chipotle has already announced that their sales dropped by 30% in December after the E.coli outbreak in their locations. Though they are working at getting their business back in shape, they took a pretty hard hit and have been paying for it in numbers. Avoiding having to work through that same mistake by following some simple cleaning tips is the best possible thing you can do during this norovirus outbreak.  E.Coli travels in three main ways:

1. Eating or drinking contaminated foods or liquids

2. Touching contaminated surfaces and then putting your hands in your mouth

3. Having direct contact with an affected person

Possibly the most overlooked form of travel of norovirus is the second, touching contaminated surfaces. You may be following all of the rules you need to follow in your kitchen, but if you overlook areas and surfaces in your restaurant that get a lot of traffic you are skipping an important step in protecting yourself from norovirus. Places like community tables, and even doorknobs can be centers for E.coli that are accidentally ignored. BusinessWire has more information on how to keep your restaurant safe,  here.