Keeping up on bar trends is a fun way to evolve with your customers. Bars are, and always have been, a fantastic way for people to connect. For generations, bars have served as the social cornerstone of our society. They are a place people can go to relax, let loose, and escape from the pressures of their day to day life.

Because bars will always serve this essential purpose, they are more intimately tied to changing social preferences and must adapt as trends become popular.

Adapting to these changing trends will almost always attract more patronage. It makes your customers feel involved, feel as if they are a crucial part of determining what is popular.

It also adds a little spice to the experience. If you give the customer something new, the novelty will create a favorable, repeat customer, which is what every bar strives for.

5 Bar Trends in 2018 Going into 2019

This article is going to focus on the most popular bar trends of 2018. As a business owner, you can start analyzing these trends and determine where they will fit in your plan of attack for the upcoming New Year.

1. All About Me and Customization

It is sometimes referred to as the “me” generation, but the majority of current bar clientele are looking for a bar experience that caters directly to their needs.

Customizations are a crucial part of this customer’s experience. They want the power of making their very own drink or meal, without any pushback from their server or bartender.

2. Beer and Wine Hybrids

Start incorporating some beer and wine cocktails into your drink menu. 2018 showed a dramatic rise in restaurants utilizing these unique menu items.

Try combing a hard liquor, such as gin, with sparkling wine, topped off with a garnish of cucumber and melon.

3. Specialty Cocktails with Artisan Spirits

The “me” generation is always looking for something new and unique when they go out for drinks.

They aren’t looking for a classic whiskey on the rocks when they order. They love complex mixtures and flavor profiles. The longer the ingredient list, the better.

Putting words such as toasted, pickled, or barrel-aged will garner the attention of nearly any customer in this age demographic.

4. Create Your Very Own Unicorn

Craft your very own cocktail, one that is tailored specifically to your bar.  This unicorn can become a staple of your restaurant, attracting new customers hungry for a fresh experience. This has to be something that guests can’t wait to show off on their own social media platforms.

What is unique about creating your own unicorn is that customers do the marketing for you. You are also encouraged to price this item as you wish. Sometime the high price tag enhances intrigue.

5. Support a Good Cause

Find a good cause that your bar can support. People love going to a place that not only services their every need, but also that makes them feel good just by going there.

Place an extra dollar on a cocktail and donate that dollar to local funds and charities in your neighborhood. This will make you seem less like a business and more like a neighbor.

Adapting to Trends Can Attract More Customers

Adapting to these trends will almost always bring you more revenue.

Show your customers you care about them and that you’re always willing to provide them with a fresh, new experience, and you will have a loyal customer base in no time.