Need help with a legal question? Don’t know the next steps to take? Wonder if you have to escalate a matter? NMRA is proud to announce our partnership with Mariposa Padilla Sivage of Sutin, Thayer, and Browne.

New Mexico Restaurant Association members have a lawyer hotline available with a 30 minute consultation on any legal matter.  Many questions can be answered in the 30 minute consultation, and if more help is needed, Ms. Sivage or a member of her team can guide you in the right direction, or refer you to a specialist.  More importantly, having an legal expert available can ease your mind about stressful matters that can come up in your restaurant.

You may have questions about:

  • Crisis management and liability
  • Business organization and ownership
  • Loiterers and Hostile Customers
  • Leases
  • Sexual harrassment
  • Cannabis, drug use, and testing
  • Threatened lawsuits
  • Applications and gig workers
  • Sick leave and payroll compliance
  • Trademarks and branding

This guidance is an invaluable resource to our members.  If you would like to set up a member consult call, simply email or call us at 505-343-9848. We will verify your membership and connect you with legal services.