liquor-salesLiquor Sales on Election Day are not prohibited.  Per the New Mexico Alcohol and Gaming Division, sales are only restricted on specific times on Sundays and on Christmas Day:

Q: What are the legal hours of operation during which alcohol can be sold, served or consumed on a licensed premise?

Weekdays & Saturdays:

  • For a Restaurant Liquor License (beer & wine), the hours of operations are from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm or until meal service ceases – whichever is earlier – from Monday through Saturday.
  • For all other license types, it’s from 7:00 am until midnight for package liquor sales and from 7:00 am until 2:00 am for on-premise consumption.

Sunday Sales:

  • For a Restaurant Liquor License, it’s 11:00am until 11:00pm or until meal service ceases – whichever is earlier, on Sundays in a local option district that has voted to allow Sunday Sales by the drink.
  • For all other license types, legal hours of operation are from noon to midnight for both package liquor sales and on-premise consumption in local option districts that have voted to allow Sunday Sales.
  • Licensees wishing to sell, serve or permit the consumption of alcoholic beverages on Sundays must have applied for and received the appropriate permit from the Alcohol and Gaming Division.
  • Not all local option districts allow Sunday sales. Please contact the Division to see if the sale or service of alcohol on Sunday’s is permitted in your area.

Christmas Day Sales:

Holders of dispensers, restaurant, club and governmental licenses that have a current, valid food establishment permit may sell, serve or allow the consumption of alcohol by the drink on the licensed premise from noon until 10:00 pm or until meal service ceases – whichever is earlier – for Restaurant Liquor Licenses. When Christmas falls on a Sunday, sales are only permitted in those local option districts that have voted to allow Sunday Sales. There are no package sales allowed on Christmas Day.