New Mexico Online Restaurant Community is a place where restaurant owners and operators can go to share information, get advice, give advice, and generally network to help the greater community.
One of our strategic goals is to provide more interaction and opportunities statewide. This virtual platform gives us a way to connect you to NMRA and to each other.
NMRA is building this community for (and with) our members. We are a large and diverse state and we want to help you develop your skills, build your social network, build your business and feel the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed to your community.

Why join NMRA’s Online Restaurant Community?

  • Strength in Knowledge. The benefits of engaging in a community include staying on top of trends in your industry or your interests and accessing up-to-date resources in one place.
  • Inspired Action. People in a community lift each other up. Communities unite you to take inspired action and bring about change together.
  • You’re Not Alone. Community gets you. Communities provide you with the place where you can connect with other about your pain and/or about finding joy.
  • New Opportunities. You’d be surprised at the wonderful things that arise from joining a community. You expand your network, develop crucial connections and relationships, and build your personal and/or your professional reputation. You can explore opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and leadership.
  • Strength in Numbers. While being an entrepreneur can be exciting and satisfying, it’s also challenging, so it helps to know you have the support of an entire community.
  • Quick Access to Industry News. It is easy to work in a vacuum, handling daily operations, putting out fires, and living and breathing your own business. However, you may find that distracts you from what is going on around you, including events and breakthroughs that impact your industry or the overall business environment. Joining a curated community keeps you attuned to what is happening that could impact your business, as well as to ideas that might change your strategy or perception of what your customers need and want.

What’s next?

So, pull up a (virtual) chair, grab your coffee, and join in. Click HERE to log in. You will use the same email and password you use to access the Members Only section of our website, Then, explore the community.
Don’t know your password? Enter your email and choose “Forgot your password?” to reset it. You will use the email NMRA has on file for you as an individual, not your general business email. Call us at 505-343-9848 or contact if you have any trouble.
Click HERE to watch a video introducing the community, complete with login and profile navigation instructions.