Manage My Restaurant

It’s all fun and games until you have to get down to business. On this page we will share links and BLOG posts that will help you navigate your sales and marketing, workforce management, food and nutrition trends, customer service and anything else that helps you operate your business.

Manage my Restaurant

Restaurant Success Guide

Even though all the moving parts of running a restaurant can seem endlessly overwhelming, profitability BOILS DOWN TO FIVE SIMPLE “LEVERS”.

The value in these levers is not that they are “secret” but that they help you SIMPLIFY what to focus on. Instead of a million different things – just focus on these 5 levers.

Customer Service Training

Learn how to empower your staff to double your sales by treating your customers right, selling the most profitable items on your menu and building your brand with every person who steps through your door.

Association Membership

There are many reasons to belong to your industry association, we help you with negotiated discounts, answering your management questions and voicing your concerns to elected officials.

NMRA Staff

Our staff has over 80 years of restaurant experience. We are here to help you answer your most pressing questions. Don’t hesitate to call.

Opening a Restaurant in New Mexico?

There are things you need to know and most likely we can help. Don’t hesitate to call our office. 505-343-9848

Sales and Marketing for Your Restaurant

Bringing in new customers and keeping the ones you have are critical to your restaurants’ success.

Restaurant Operations

Hiring and retaining employees, making payroll, knowing food trends, employee policies, standard operating procedures. You need to know it all. We have the information you need.

BLOG articles on everything you need to know to open and manage your restaurant

Expert’s Guide to Marketing your Gift / Rewards Cards

From our partners at Heartland: Marketing and promoting your gift card program is critical to its success. Whatever your primary line of business: restaurant, retail, service, or other business, most customers won't think of you as a place to buy gift cards unless you...

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Updated Guidance on Side-Work & Tipped Employees

The Department of Labor’s (DOL) Wage and Hour Division (WHD) has published updated guidance on when tipped-employees are working dual jobs - its latest effort to clarify what side-work tipped employees are allowed to perform under the Dual jobs and related duties in...

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Association Membership… Help Yourself

Why should you help yourself to New Mexico Restaurant Association Membership? It shows your customers you are a leader in Safety and Service, and that you’ve invested in bettering your business and the community.   Together, we are stronger, and you’ll be joining over...

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Getting Your Employee Records in Order

In order to protect laborers, the United States Department of Labor requires restaurants to follow various labor laws. These laws ensure that your establishment remains a safe, healthy, and fair place for all employees.  Having clean, up to date employee records will...

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Serving Alcohol Safely in Your Bar or Restaurant

While there is always money in the liquor industry, there is also always risk.Opening your own bar or restaurant means you are jumping into a legal quagmire.Customers that are over-served at your establishment can take legal action against your business. Fights,...

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Serving Alcohol 101

Have a few questions about serving alcohol in New Mexico?  We've got you covered! Here at NMRA, we answer a lot of calls and inquiries about alcohol service.  Maybe you've even taken one of our Servers Permit classes. Based on the most frequently asked question of our...

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