NMRA partner, Jim Hargrove of Shamrock Foods, developed this strategic menu price increase presentation in the wake of all the minimum wage increases that are taking place, after seeing owners struggle with:
· Radically cutting staffing…OK idea for short term, BAD idea for long term success and turnover control
· Raising prices across the board by 10%…causes whiplash for the guest that then vote with their feet
· Running crazy specials and features to increase foot traffic in hopes that they will spend money on traditionally priced items…this cheapens the brand and draws customers that are loyal to their wallet and not your restaurant

This seminar focuses on strategic approaches to dealing with the minimum wage increases without negatively impacting the enterprise.
– Thoughtful and data based menu price increases 3-4 times per year
– Strong culture of top line sales driving through onboarding, training and key performance indicator tracking
– Competitive analysis
– Understanding what you did pay in hourly wages and what you will pay in hourly wages
– And more