In New Mexico’s land of spice and sun,
Where green chiles sizzle and fun’s never done,
There’s a tale to tell, a song to sing,
Of the future workforce that’s taking wing!

Oh, restaurant owners, hear this plea,
Come gather ’round and listen to me!
It’s time to inspire, to lend a hand,
To the next generation, oh so grand!

Create pathways, open doors,
For chefs and servers, and so much more.
With apprenticeships and scholarships bright,
Let’s guide them toward their culinary light!

Mentorship, ahoy! Let’s take the lead,
Show them the ropes, help them succeed.
With wisdom shared, and lessons learned,
We’ll see their passion brightly burned!

Diversity and inclusion, let’s make it clear,
In our kitchens and dining halls, far and near.
Every voice matters, every face seen,
In this colorful culinary scene!

Innovation’s key, let’s not forget,
To keep our restaurants a surefire bet.
With new ideas, and dishes bold,
We’ll keep our customers hooked, our pots never cold!

So, restaurant owners, let’s stand tall,
And answer this inspiring call.
Together we’ll shape the future bright,
Of New Mexico’s dining, a wondrous sight!

With passion, creativity, and a sprinkle of zest,
We’ll write a tale that’s truly the best.
For in this land of spice and sun,
The future of dining has only begun!