Game Changer Hexagonal White Vintage Retro Style LabelThis year is bound to be a busy one for restaurants and keeping up with the pace of the millennials is going to be a challenge as always. New trends are always popping up. It’s all about what is new and what is different. Make this year a game changer. Surprisingly, some of these trends can actually help your business in more ways than just gaining customers. One trend is to create less waste and to not throw away food or scraps that restaurants have always tossed in the past. If you find ways to repurpose this food it can not only save you money, but it also projects a social culture of environmental activism to your customers. They buy in to your culture.

Other menu trends for 2016 to look into include spicing things up, and varying the menu with items like ice cream sandwiches or other alternative deserts.

Alternatives to the usual ice cream have been rising in popularity for some time now, with frozen yogurt bars and crazy flavors, but something that has really been gaining momentum with consumers is the ice cream sandwich. Using cookies, waffle cones, cake and just about anything else as the outside of the ice cream sandwich is turning out to be a real game changer, and having an easily portable ice cream sandwich is appealing to the young ice-cream lover on the go.

Of course there are more trends for the very active year of 2016, but even if ice cream is not in your restaurant’s plan, try to look for new and interesting ways to prepare your food that could be appealing to customers because new and different are all the rage in 2016. Restaurant Hospitality offers great insights on menu trends. More…