A green ink weathered roughed up circle and stars stamp design with the words MINIMUM WAGE on it making a great concept.

Bernalillo County Minimum Wage

 Increase Postponed

What:  The minimum wage increase that was set to go into effect 1/1/2015 for Bernalillo County has been postponed indefinitely.  The increase would have been from $8.50 to $8.65 per hour.  Starting tipped wage remains at $2.13 plus tips to equal $8.50 or more.

Who and Where:  The postponement affects workers in areas of Bernalillo County outside of the Albuquerque city limits.  Businesses within Albuquerque city limits are subject to the Albuquerque minimum wage.

Why: Due to a clerical error, the required public notice of the 1/1/2015 increase was not posted on the Bernalillo County website.

When:  County commissioners are unsure of when the oversight will be corrected.  A commission meeting scheduled for 1/13/2015 may address the issue.  NMRA will keep you informed as updates are made public.

How:  Stay informed by visiting NMRA’s resource page on Minimum Wage in New Mexico and the Bernalillo County Website’s notice of the delay.