New Mexico Minimum Wage


There are multiple wage ordinances in New Mexico. Click the links below to determine the minimum wage in your area and view the latest ordinances.  See below for our latest updated minimum wage information, and visit “helpful links” in your area, or contact us with questions.


Follow the strictest of the ordinances that apply to your location.   If you are within the city limits of a city with its own minimum wage (Albuquerque, Las Cruces, or Santa Fe), follow the guidelines of your city.  If you are outside of the incorporated city limits, but your county has its own minimum wage (Bernalillo County, Santa Fe County), follow the guidelines of your county.  Follow the minimum wage in New Mexico if you are not in an area listed above.  Click here for strategies you can deploy before the wage increases take affect.  Make sure to click into the details of your area to view the specific ordinances.

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Note:  RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE  based on ordinances and local governments.  Always consult with your city or county’s website for verification.  Some entities may have possible increases linked to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or other indices.

Minimum Wage:  $7.25
Tipped Employee Wage: $2.13 plus tips equal $7.25 or more
Date of Enactment: 1/1/2009
Helpful Links:  General Wage Information

With no benefits or benefits under $2500.00:
Minimum Wage: $9.35 
Tipped Employee Wage: $5.60 plus tips equal to $9.35
With benefits over $2500.00:
Minimum Wage: $8.35 
Tipped Employee Wage: $5.60 plus tips equal to $8.35
Date of Enactment: 1/1/2020
Linked to CPI?:  Yes
Helpful Links2020 General Wage Information

Las Cruces:
Minimum Wage: currently $10.25
Tipped Employee Wage: currently $4.04 plus tips equal to $10.25
Linked to CPI?: Yes
Date of Enactment:  1/1/2015. 
Note: Tipped employees shall be paid 40% of the minimum wage rate.
Helpful LinksCity of Las Cruces Website

Santa Fe County:
Minimum Wage:  currently $12.10
Tipped Employee Wage:  currently $3.62 plus tips equal to $12.10 per hour
Linked to CPI? : Yes
Date of Enactment: 3/1/2015;  (update in January for March CPI increase)
Helpful Links:  General Wage information (includes March 2018 increase, downloads of wage ordinance and posters)

State of New Mexico:
Current Minimum Wage:  $9.00
Current Tipped Employee Wage:  $2.35 plus tips equal $9.00 or more

Minimum Wage Bill Increase Schedule:

                                               Minimum Wage          Tipped Wage

1/1/21 – 12/31/21                 10.50/hour                  2.55/hour
1/1/22 – 12/31/22                 11.50/hour                  2.80/hour
1/1/23                                     12.00/hour                  3.00/hour

Bernalillo County:
With no benefits or benefits under $2500.00:
Minimum Wage: $9.20 
Tipped Employee Wage: $2.35 plus tips equal to $9.20 
Linked to CPI?:  Yes
Date of Enactment 1/26/2015
Note: If you supply benefits over 2500.00; see the county wage ordinance.
Helpful Links: 2020 increase noticeCounty Wage Ordinance

Santa Fe:
Minimum Wage: currently  $12.10 
Tipped Employee Wage:  $2.35 plus tips to equal $12.10 
Linked to CPI?
: Yes
Date of Enactment: 2004; (update in January for March CPI increase)
Helpful Links: General Wage Information (includes downloads of wage ordinance and posters)