Hey there, changemakers! Are you ready for your voice to make a difference? Well, here’s your chance. Advocacy is more than just a buzzword—it’s a game-changer, and your presence is the secret sauce. In the fast-paced world of legislative sessions, it’s not about drowning in data and reports. Lawmakers want to see faces, hear stories, and build real connections, especially from the heartbeat of our state—the restaurants. Jump into the action during the 2024 Legislative session and let’s show them what our community is made of. Here’s your playbook for shaping policies that’ll get New Mexico’s restaurants thriving, and make sure to sign up here https://p2a.co/ecF46P0 or text “PRESENTNM” to 52886 to stay up-to-date on all of our campaigns this legislative session.

Sign Up for Campaign Messaging:

  • Stay in the loop and be part of the conversation by registering for our campaign messaging system. Receive timely text messages and emails containing links and actionable steps, ensuring your digital presence becomes a potent force in our advocacy efforts.

Attend Legislative Sessions:

  • Whether physically or virtually, your attendance at key legislative sessions and hearings sends a resounding message to lawmakers. It underscores our active engagement and passion for the issues affecting our industry. Sign up to attend these sessions and be a vital part of shaping discussions around critical policies.

Spread the Word:

  • Advocacy gains momentum through numbers. Rally your colleagues, friends, and family to join our movement. The more voices we unite, the more formidable our impact. Share our call to action across social media platforms and within your professional and personal networks, ensuring our collective voice becomes impossible to overlook.

Share Your Story:

  • Harness the power of personal narratives. Share your experiences, be they challenges or triumphs, from your restaurant journey. These stories offer lawmakers a real-world perspective, making our advocacy efforts more relatable and persuasive. Your individual story adds a human touch to the issues we’re championing.

Register Today and Be a Force for Change:

Your active participation is the linchpin of our success. Register now because, as the adage goes, “We must be present to win” during the 2024 Legislative Session. Together, let’s shape policies that cultivate an environment conducive to a thriving restaurant industry in New Mexico. Join us in making a difference and be an integral part of the movement that molds the future of our community. Sign up here https://p2a.co/ecF46P0 or text “PRESENTNM” to 52886