NMRA Natural Gas Savings Program

Want to see if you can save up to 20% on your restaurant’s natural gas bill? The NMRA has chosen Tiger Natural Gas to be its preferred natural gas supplier for NMRA members!

When it comes to NATURAL GAS, you have a CHOICE!
If you haven’t talked to Tiger, you are losing money, and who can afford that? Join the thousands of companies who have switched to Tiger as their natural gas provider.

Call (888) 875-6122, or email them at NMRA@tigernaturalgas.com or visit their website for a customized Cost Savings Analysis JUST for NMRA members!  Then you will know exactly how much you can save on your natural gas bill.

Savings With No Risk, No Downtime, No Hassle

  • We deliver the exact same natural gas as you receive now. 
  • We deliver through your existing gas pipelines. 
  • We can charge you less than you are paying now. 
  • We provide better customer service than you are getting now. 
  • We handle 100% of the switch, with no downtime or effort on your part. 
  • There is NO cost to you — NO start-up, connection or transfer fees of any kind. 

Key Benefits Of Using Tiger:
Cost SavingsCustomers can expect to see a savings on their annual natural gas cost, depending on their usage.
Fixed PriceWith Tiger, you can lock in a fixed price for your natural gas for as little as one month, or up to three years, allowing you to budget and forecast your natural gas expenses.
Customer ServiceAlong with the highest quality natural gas, you’ll receive Tiger’s award-winning, exceptional Customer Support.
Seamless TransitionYou will experience no downtime in your switch to Tiger, and there are no start-up, connection, or transfer fees of any kind.

It only takes a few signatures to transfer your account from being supplied by your local utility to being supplied by Tiger. If you have an emergency or a pipeline problem you will still deal directly with your local utility, and you will not be charged extra because you buy your natural gas from TIGER.

Enroll with TIGER today and Start Saving Money!

For more information or to receive a quote for Natural Gas service, please contact Tiger and reference the NMRA program at:

(888) 875-6122 or NMRA@tigernaturalgas.com