Restaurant Reopening Guidelines from the State Of New Mexico

All essential business must follow the 6/1 Public Health Order and the “All Together New Mexico” COVID-19 safe practices guidelines. (Hereafter referred to as ATNM – referenced in the PHO here) Affected businesses should link to the appropriate sections below.

Covid Safe Practices:

All employers –

Retail –

Restaurants –

Excerpts from the 6/1 PHO that affect Restaurants and Hospitality

Restaurants are those operations that generated at least 50% of their sales from dine-in services from the sale of food during the last calendar year. Sales made to customers for off-site consumption such as the sale of growlers, wholesale revenues, and to-go items are excluded from this calculation.

Restaurants may provide dine-in service, but they may not exceed more than 50% occupancy of the maximum occupancy of any enclosed space on the restaurant’s premises, as determined by the relevant fire marshal or fire department.

Restaurants choosing to open must ensure that there is at least six feet of distance between tables. No more than six patrons may be seated at any single table. No bar or counter seating is permitted. Dine-in services shall be provided only to patrons who are seated at tables, and patrons may not consume food or beverages while standing.

Restaurants must operate in compliance with applicable occupancy restrictions and COVID-Safe Practices (CSPs) for Restaurants” section of the “All Together New Mexico: COVID-Safe Practices for Individuals and Employers”. Local breweries, wineries, or distillers may operate but only for carry out service.

“Recreational facilities” include indoor movie theaters, museums, bowling alleys, miniature golf, arcades, amusement parks, concert venues, event venues, performance venues, go-kart courses, adult entertainment venues, and other places of indoor recreation or indoor entertainment.  Recreational facilities must remain closed.

“Bars” are defined as food and beverage service establishments that derived more than 50% of their revenue in the prior calendar year from the sale of alcoholic beverages. Bars must remain closed during the pendency of this Public Health Order.  Bars are not permitted to operate other than for take-out and delivery if otherwise permitted under their applicable licenses.

“Places of lodging” means all hotels, motels, RV parks, co-located short-term condominium rentals with a central check-in desk, and short-term vacation rentals. “Places of lodging” shall not operate at more than 50% percent of maximum occupancy.

Golf courses may open provided that they operate in accordance with the “COVID-Safe Practices (CSPs) for Golf Course” section of the “All Together New Mexico: COVID-Safe Practices for Individuals and Employers”. Restaurants and other golf course concessions must adhere to operative CSP’s.

If customers are waiting outside of a business, the business must take reasonable measures to ensure that customers maintain a distance of at least six-feet from other individuals and avoid person-to-person contact.

Unless a healthcare provider instructs otherwise, all individuals shall wear a mask or multilayer cloth face covering in public settings except when eating, drinking, or exercising.

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