Restaurant Reopening Guidelines from the State Of New Mexico

All essential business must follow the 9/3 Public Health Order and the “All Together New Mexico” COVID-19 safe practices guidelines. (Hereafter referred to as ATNM – referenced in the PHO here) Affected businesses should link to the appropriate sections below.

Covid Safe Practices:

All employers –

Retail –

Restaurants –

Excerpts from the 9/3 PHO that affect Restaurants and Hospitality

“Food and drink establishments” may provide dine-in service, but they may notexceed more than 25% occupancy of the maximum occupancy in any enclosed space on the premises, as determined by the relevant fire marshal or fire department. “Food and drink establishments” choosing to provide indoor dining must ensure that there is at least six feet of distance between tables.

No more than six patrons may be seated at any single table. No bar our counter seating is permitted. Dine-in services shall be provided only to patrons who are seated at table, and patrons may not consume food or beverage while standing. “Food and drink establishments” may also provide dine-in service in outdoor seating areas up to 75% occupancy, where applicable. Tables in outdoor seating areas must be spaced at least six feet apart. No more than six patrons may be seated at any single table.

Patrons must be seated in order to be served food or drink unless ordering food for catTyout. No bar or counter seating is permitted. “Food and drink establishments” may provide carryout service, or delivery service if otherwise pennitted by law.

“Places of lodging” which have completed the NM Safe Certified training offered at may operate up to 75% of maximum occupancy. All other “places of lodging” shall not operate at more than 50% of maximum occupancy. Healthcare providers who are engaged in the provision of care to New Mexico residents or individuals utilizing “places of lodging” for extended stays, as temporary housing, or for purposes of quarm1tining shall not be counted for purposes of determining maximum occupancy.