All the nominees are in, and our judges are tallying up the totals to honor the 2023 Hospitality Industry Awards winners for Chef, Restaurateur and Manager of the Year! Excitingly, we’ve added two new categories: the Face of Diversity Award and the Community Service Award. We can’t wait to gather with all of you on September 18 at Route 66 Casino for the hospitality event of the year. Support your friends and our industry and see who wins!! 

2023 Restaurateur Nominees

Andrea S – Andele Restaurant
Bill – Hurricane’s
Caskey H. – Phat Staxs
Dale B. – Trinity Hotel & Restaurant
David H. – Dave’s Valley Grill
Dennis C. – Picoso Foods
Dennis R. – La Sierra BBQ
Ernie S. – The Buckhorn Tavern
Janice A. – The Owl Bar and Cafe
Javier S. – La Cocina
Javier, Juan & Joel – Tap N Taco
Jerry M. – The Kosmos
Joey A. – Rutilio’s Family Restaurant
John H. – M’tucci”s
Josh B. – The Ranch House and Rustica
Juan M. – Santa Fe grills
Ken C. – Nexus
Kurt W. – Tomato Cafe
Laura S. – Le Chantilly
Marcus C. – Hello Deli

2023 Manager Nominees

Alyssa S. – Pecan Grill
Bill A. – Embassy Suites (Atrium Hospitality)
Boris R. – Scalo
Brittany B. – Sunnyside Up Breakfast & Lunch Cafe
Carlos A. – Pelicans
Daniel N. – Pecan Grill & Brewery
Debbie L. – YDI Headstart
Devin D. – The Kosmos
Isabella C. – Sassella
Jarrod T. – Jinja Bar & Bistro
Joey F. – Philmont Scout Ranch
Kevin M. – The State Line BBQ
Kim N. – Bien Shur Restaurant/ Sandia Resort & Casino
Manuel P. – Andele Restaurant
Martin D. – Si Senior Express
Ronnie P. – El Pinto Restaurant
Rudy P. – Paradise Hills Golf/The Office
Sarah P. – County Line Restaurant
Shawn C. – M’Tucci’s Restaurants
Theresa A. – La Posta Group Inc

2023 Community Service Award Nominees

Adrian P. – Heritage Hotels and Resorts
Angelica W. – Geli’s Cafe
Duane T. – Pizza 9
Jamie S. – Canteen Brewhouse
Jeff B. – Range Cafe
John H. – M’Tucci’s
Mike W. – 505 Food Fights/High Point Grill
Nutan P. – Special Olympics Rio Rancho

Marie C. – Church Street Cafe
Mark H. – Tula’s
Mark K. – The Compound Restaurant
Micheal C. – Si Senior Express
Michelle L. – Old Town Cafe
Nabor V. – Yellowbrix Restaurant
Norma B. – Roadrunner Express #1
Pablo A. – La Grand Victoria
Robert D. – Pelican’s Restaurant
Russell R. – Two Fools
Russell H. – Salud De Mesilla
Slywia H. – Boxcar
Steve G. – Hot Tamales
Steve R. – Mesa Provisions
Summer W. – 66 Diner
Terry and Josie T. – Si Senor Restaurant
Vic B. and Mercedes D. – Slice and Dice Pizzeria
Wanita J. – El Camino
Wilks M. – Medley
Yashoda N. – Annapurna

2023 Chef Nominees 

Alejandro T. – Seared
Amber C. – Picacho Hills Country Club
Cheyne B. – Kosmic Burger LLC (the Kosmos)
Chloe W. – Adobe Rose
Chris B. – Los Poblanos
Cristian P. – Sassella
David R. – Scalo
James C., III – Lambert’s of Taos
James G. – OVG RGCU Isotopes park
Jose M. – El Patron
Jose R. – La Casa Sena
Joshua M. – Inn of the Mountain Gods
Kathleen C. – Market Steer Steakhouse
Marc Q. – Hotel Chaco/Level 5
Mike W. – High Point Grill
Niccolas L. – Quarter Celtic Brewpub
Pablo P.N. – Bishop’s Lodge, Auberge Resorts Collection
Randy T. – Poki Tako
Weston L. – The Compound Restaurant

2023 Diversity Award Nominees 

Adrian P. – Heritage Hotels and Resorts
Chastity B. – Whiptail Eatery
Javier S. – La Cocina
Kanela K. – Cinnamon Sugar and Spice
Luis and Bernice M. – El Chile Toreado
Mike W. – High Point Grill
Myles L. – Santa Ana Golf Club/Prairie Star Restaurant