Join the 2018 NMRA Grassroots Coaltion to learn how to get your voice heard so you can make a difference.

My name is Jerry Harrell, I have been GM of the Double Eagle Restaurant in historic Old Mesilla for 23 years.  It’s a busy place.  I’m busy. You’re busy. I understand the demands running a restaurant has on you and your time. So, let’s get to the bottom line:

I need your help…

To help your business prosper over the next few years by joining the NMRA Grassroots Coalition. Here’s how you help: I’m thinking I need 90 minutes, maybe a little more, sometime in the next 90 days – 30 minutes to get there, 30-minute meeting, 30 minutes to get back. Or you can invite “them” to your place and save 60 minutes. 30-minute meeting with “them” is a candidate running for state House or Senate in your district.   May be a Dem, may be a Repub.  Maybe you meet both?  Pushin’ it, huh? Sorry.

We will give you a copy of the NMRA Legislative Menu listing the most important issues affecting restaurants which will probably appear in the January, 2019 legislative session.  We may even have a webinar to review the issues for you. You pick 3 issues and share your opinions (really… we kinda need you to agree with NMRA) on those 3 items with the candidate (who may also be your actual state Rep or Senator).  That means 7 minutes of chitchat, order coffee or tea then 6 to 7 minutes on each of the 3 items you choose.  Careful, you’ll be surprised at how long you can speak on a subject you are passionate about!

You can also choose to gather several other restaurateurs and each take a topic for 6 or 7 minutes.  The object is to explain to the candidate/legislator how that topic affects you AND YOUR EMPLOYEES, the actions you will take to keep your business operating and how those actions will affect YOUR EMPLOYEES.  You only have one vote but you have several employees so keep talking about how it will affect the most number of voters….

Now, asking a candidate to meet with you during election season means they will think you are going to give them money for their campaign – even if they are running unopposed!!  So, NMRA will give you a $100 PAC check to present to the candidate/legislator (and, if you so choose, you can present a personal check as well!  But, you certainly don’t have to.)

This is part of NMRA’s effort to make YOUR voice heard by not only candidates but also legislators. Legislators really DO want to hear from you about various issues, even issues about which you disagree.  Surprising, I know. But, they really DO! Legislators are required to know a little bit about a lot of things. You sharing your knowledge and experience about restaurants and restaurant employees helps them and helps all of us.

You know, it isn’t that hard to predict who is going to win in every district in the state. There are a few toss-ups but most of the time; it’s not a real horserace.  Why then are we trying to contact every candidate running? Because that candidate is usually a mover and shaker in that district and giving knowledge about our industry to everyone will benefit us in ways we cannot now foresee. We are planting seeds in hopes of a great harvest. We need you to plant some seeds!

Help us help you help yourself by joining with the NMRA Grassroots Coalition. During the actual session, we monitor every bill introduced in the House and Senate and follow its progress through the process. And, we will ask for your help via sending emails to various legislators supporting or opposing various bills. These emails REALLY make a difference to legislators making decisions on issues affecting you, your employees and your business bottom line.

Please email Carol at and let her know you are ready to do your part. Visit New Mexico Restaurant Association for more info.