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We are YOUR professional organization. Are you frustrated putting out fires (sometimes literally) on a daily basis? Wondering where the next emergency will come from, someone calling in sick or quitting just as you get them trained? Well the New Mexico Restaurant Association (NMRA) is ready to help you put systems in place so you can sleep at night and be on your way to having the successful business you always dreamed you would have.

You will also be relieved to know, as a member, you have a voice in government. Legislators and regulators consistently consult us. We protect our industry from particularly troublesome laws with a professional staff of qualified lobbyists. As a member of NMRA you are automatically a member of the National Restaurant Association and receive all of their benefits as well. 

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Because we have 1,500 members we are able to negotiate special discounts for our members so you can save money and time vetting different vendors.


What People are Saying

“We get the power of a bigger company”

“NMRA gives the new restaurateur the power of a bigger company. The biggest benefit is that the NMRA sticks up for our industry on the government level.”

Matt DiGregory, CEO Home on The Range, Inc.

“Saved me money…”

“I have had the opportunity to meet other restaurant owners and share experiences and great stories. The restaurant association has saved me money with workers’ comp, music and so many other ways.”

Marie Coleman, Church Street Cafe

“Membership proved to be a wise decision.”

“We joined NMRA in 2009. This proved to be a wise decision. We took full advantage of everything the NMRA has to offer.”

Wayne Moore, Director of Bistro Operations for
St. Clair Winery.

“Important advocacy work…”

“As individual owner/operators, we simply do not have the time to do this important advocacy work…. but our Association does and does it well!!!! “

Tom and Jerean Hutchinson, Owners La Posta and Hacienda de Mesilla



Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut

by: John Self Put yourself in your customer’s shoes for one minute.  They’re having a wonderful dinner; the background music is playing nicely and they’re obviously enjoying themselves.  Just as one of them is about to put a bite of steak in their mouth, the...

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Customer Service the Wrong Way

Customer Service the Wrong Way

By John Self Most restaurant managers love to eat out and when we do, we often like to tell the manager on duty about the great service we had from one of their employees. It never ceases to amaze me that most of the times that I’ve asked my server to get a manager to...

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Trends: What Will Happen & What Might Happen

Trends: What Will Happen & What Might Happen

by: John Self, The Service Doc Labor shortage It’s here and it’s changing the restaurant industry. Normally, employees just looked at other restaurants to see if there were better jobs, but today, they’re comparing their restaurant job’s pay and benefits with entirely...

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Is Everything (Your Restaurant) Okay?

Is Everything (Your Restaurant) Okay?

By: John SelfIs your company trying to be OK? Of course not. But it happens every day in most restaurants in America. It is a pet peeve of mine when a manager comes to my table and asks, "Is everything OK?" "Everything." And "OK." What's wrong with this picture? Not...

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Connect to the Best to Run Your Restaurant

Connect to the Best to Run Your Restaurant

One of the best benefits of being a member of NMRA is your connection to other people and businesses in our industry.  As an association, we talk a lot about "strength in numbers".  This is vital to our advocacy efforts to protect and strengthen the restaurant...

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Become a Featured Benefit

Become a Featured Benefit

NMRA is proud to announce a great way to get your product or service to our Members. The Association's "Featured Benefits" will put your business in the spotlight! Do you have a great offer? In order to participate, you need to offer our members a significant discount...

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