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Get your New Mexico Servers Permit here through our Online ServSafe Alcohol Server Training course.
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NMRA is all about EDUCATION. We educate our members on safe ways to serve food and alcohol. We educate our potential workforce on opportunities in restaurant management and the culinary field and most importantly we educate state lawmakers on how our industry works or doesn’t depending on the laws they are passing.

On Call: If you have a question or concern, we are here to answer your call. Don’t hesitate to call us for any question you might have. Consider us your personal assistant. Call when you have a question that stumps you.

Food Safety: Our association is the only place one can go to get ServSafe training in the classroom on a regular basis. ServSafe is one of the only food safety certifications the Albuquerque Environment Department recognizes under their new food code. We provide this education service to our members at a big discount.

Alcohol Server Certification (ASC): The NMRA has been providing ASC classes for years throughout the state. We now have a convenient, online, state approved class available at For a 20% discount, use the code NMOnline.

Workforce Training: ProStart, our industry-based curriculum is in 56 NM High Schools. It’s possibly in a high school near you. This Restaurant Professional Start program serves over 1500 students in the state. You would be impressed with the breadth of knowledge these young students display during our invitational at the Ben E. Keith show every year. They are educated in a rigorous curriculum including restaurant management and culinary arts. Get connected with a ProStart school and get connected to some of the best young folks in our field today.

Scholarships: NMRA members give upwards of $30,000 in scholarships annually. Every dollar given by our members is matched with a scholarship from the National Restaurant Association. Students receiving these generous scholarships have to be pursuing a degree in restaurant, culinary, tourism or hotel management in order to qualify. Qualify they do! Many of them go on to pursue a career in the industry.

Advocacy: Most importantly, NMRA educates lawmakers on our industry. The recent debate over Right-to-Work legislation was eye opening in the way that it showed the disadvantage businesses have over unions in this state. Unions take union dues from every member and nonmember on a monthly basis (as much as $50 a month). Would you be willing to pay that much for NMRA to exclusively represent you? We are not against unions but they are coming after the restaurant industry with their support of high minimum and server wages. They are using their member’s money to fight these issues and we just don’t have the ability to assess our nonmembers in the same way.

NMRA is the only entity looking out for your business interests. Other associations may be looking out for general business interests but we look out for you. If there is legislation that affects restaurants, we make sure legislators and city councilors hear your side. Sometimes we win sometimes we lose. More often, the legislation is dropped or tabled because the legislator just hadn’t thought of the unintended consequences on your business.