Multi-ethnic women sitting at barHaving an organized bar is much more important than you would think and it can lead to higher profits. Organizing your bar not only makes it easier for you to make more drinks, it can also entice customers to come to your bar and watch as you create their favorite concoctions in your bar. A bar can bring in a lot of revenue, but no bar is going to function properly if it isn’t organized or easy to work in. The core of the bar, the staff, the counter space, and the menu are all very important and making sure they are all in working order will  be essential to your bar’s success.

If you are trying to increase revenue by reorganizing your bar area, you should first make sure your bar is prepped for success. Every day the bar should be “prepped” for the drinks to be made that evening. This prep should include making sure your bar is efficient and ready for speedy drink creations. Knowing what your most popular orders are can help with this. If you know that you are more often than not going to need grenadine, you can make sure that the grenadine is in an easy to reach spot. Having a specific and consistent spot for all of the drink ingredients can help every bartender work faster. Instead of having to think about looking for the thing they need, an organized bar means it will become almost muscle memory to make some of the popular orders. Cutting down time like this should help your bar exponentially with sales, because it gives your customer more time to enjoy their drink, and then to order another.

Another thing that will help encourage customers to order more and keep coming back is if you make sure to keep the stations your bartenders are working at are cleaned throughout the night. Make sure that no matter the number of drinks your bartenders have made their station looks squeaky clean each hour. A fresh, clean organized bar will ensure customers that it is safe to order a drink from your bar, it will make it easier for your bartenders to make good drinks at an efficient pace, and it keeps your restaurant safe from the risk of foodbourne illnesses that can come from drink garnishes.

Focus on the cleanliness and organization of your bar and bartenders to help increase the revenue and profits you gain from your bar customers. Nations Restaurant News has even more tips. More…