July 2018:

The New Mexico Environment Department has proposed new rules and is revisiting the deadline for compliance with the 2017 Model Food Code.
Here are highlights of the proposed changes:
  • The Certified Food Protection Manager can be responsible for more than a single food establishment with an approved variance.
  • The effective date for the Manager requirement is three months after effective date of regulations. The proposed date is November or December 2018. We will keep you posted.
  • Not everyone who handles food would need a foodhandler card. Food employees who only handle non-TCS foods AND volunteers and employees who only occasionally function as food employees are exempt, provided the permit holder provides training and maintains record of training.
  • NEW: Must separate raw animal food from fruits and vegetables before washing.
  • NEW: Cleaning agents and sanitizers for equipment and utensils must be available for use during all hours of operation.
The following items were also covered. Visit the full update for more information.
  • Use of gloves after hand injury or cut
  • Clean-up of bodily fluids
  • Intact vs. non-intact meat
  • Cooking times
  • Use of towelettes vs. hand washing sinks
  • Catering rules
  • More
What can you do to take action?
Show up for the hearings to understand the what this means to your business.NMRA will be at most of the hearings and will share any news we hear.
Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.