food safety crisisYou know you can stay informed about the New Mexico Food Safety regulations through NMRA.  But not everything can be predictable, even under the best of intentions.  Crisis happens.  How do you protect your brand in the event of a food safety crisis?  Fast Casual combined some responses from a recent conference and came up with some best practices to avoid a food safety crisis:

1. Supply chain tracking: Be transparent and diligent with your food sourcing.

2. Employee training: Keep employees updated, educated, and certified.

3. Use approved food safety suppliers: Practice due diligence when using suppliers.

4. Have a clear food safety policy: Have your food safety policy displayed and available.

5. Keep ice machines clean: It seems simple, but dirty ice machines are  a big issue in the hospitality industry as a whole.

One food safety crisis can determine how your community sees your brand.  It will affect word of mouth referrals to new customers, and may even be publicized through social or print media.  Be proactive and read up on more details from Fast Casual. More…