Wight01_LRKZI would like to remind everyone of the importance of membership and supporting the association that supports the restaurant industry in New Mexico. Every NMRA member is important to the strength of our message. The more members we have, the more impact we have on the political process. If you are not a member, consider joining the association to support our efforts to protect your business interests from government intervention, taxation and regulation. We are strong with your membership.

The other critical component of our ability to promote and protect this industry is our associate members who support our efforts through sponsorship of our association. It is through their continued generosity and commitment to our association that we are able to focus on our mission: to empower the food and beverage industry by promoting and protecting our common values and interests. Please take a moment to look at our sponsor page and thank those vendors who have made an additional commitment to support our cause.

As you know, New Mexico has experienced limited growth in the economic recovery. For that reason, the NMRA Board of Directors has been conservative in their projections and budgeting for the association. We continue to be in good financial condition our financial reports will show a modest positive net at the end of the year. The commitment of our sponsors allows us to continue our good work in the face of a questionable economy.

Our advocacy efforts this year have centered on the legislature, we followed 100 bills during the session . And now the Albuquerque City Council “Fair” Workweek Act is where we are concentrating our efforts. We have joined a coalition of like minded business organizations to oppose any form of labor law at the city level. We have worked on your behalf on the PNM proposal to increase rates and we sit on a task-force to deal with the exorbitant unemployment rates.

Our education programs have been our mainstay. We had an opportunity to partner with the NRA and ServSafe to bring our Alcohol Server Certification (ASC) classes online.  We gave $19,300 in college scholarships and we continue to support 1500 students in 54 high schools throughout the state with our ProStart program.

Please thank those members and sponsors who make our work possible on your behalf.