Restaurant Regulation

We pride ourselves on keeping you informed on the ever-changing rules and regulations you need to know to avoid penalties and fines from enforcement and regulatory agencies in New Mexico and beyond…

Food Regulation Quick Links

Link here to find all your model food code regulations, required posters,  model inspection sheets and more…

Alcohol Regulation Quick Links

Link here to find all your copy of the ABC regulations, required posters, duplicate server permit, inspection form, happy hour rules and more…

Employment Regulation Quick Links

Find links here to General labor regulations, Workforce Solutions, FLSA, unemployment basics, Work Comp, Minimum Wage, tipping rules and more…

Taxes and Other Regulation Quick Links

Link here to find restaurant financing, NM GRT rates, pets on patios, water by request, ADA,   restaurant scams and more…

Links to Regulatory Agencies

Alcohol and Gaming Division

Alcohol and Gaming is  division of the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department. They issue, transfer, and revoke liquor licenses per the liquor Control Act. Phone: 505-476-4875

NM Environment Department

The NMED is the inspection agency that enforces the state food regulations. Their jurisdiction is everywhere but Albuquerque and Bernalillo County. Link here to your NMED field office. Phone: 800-219-6157

NM Workforce Connection

The NM Workforce Connection office manages everything from unemployment insurance claims to HR, job postings, employer recruitment and employer incentives.

Bernalillo County Food Safety

The Bernalillo County food safety program is the inspection and food safety department with a jurisdiction of restaurants residing in the unincorporated areas of Bernalillo County. Phone: 505-314-0310

Albuquerque Environment Department

The city of Albuquerque maintains it’s own food inspection and safety department. If your restaurant is in Albuquerque this link takes you to their website. Phone: 505-768-2718

US Department of Labor

The US Department of Labor maintains the federal employment rules and regulations including but never limited to: overtime rules, tip credit rules, tip pooling rules, exempt vs non-exempt definitions etc.

New Mexico Food Safety Regulations

New Mexico Food Safety Regulations

This informative resource page will help ensure you know current regulations in the three jurisdictions of New Mexico – Albuquerque, Bernalillo and the rest of the state (NMED).

Link to NM AGD Rules and Regulations

New Mexico Alcohol and Gaming Regulations

The Alcohol and Gaming Division of the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department requires every licensee to have a copy of the  rules and regulations on the premise of the licensed establishment.  Here is a link to your copy.

Regulatory Blog Posts

Proposed Changes to New Mexico Food Code

July 2018: The New Mexico Environment Department has proposed new rules and is revisiting the deadline for compliance with the 2017 Model Food Code. Here are highlights of the proposed changes: The Certified Food Protection Manager can be responsible for more than a...

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Join the 2018 NMRA Grassroots Coalition

Join the 2018 NMRA Grassroots Coaltion to learn how to get your voice heard so you can make a difference. My name is Jerry Harrell, I have been GM of the Double Eagle Restaurant in historic Old Mesilla for 23 years.  It’s a busy place.  I’m busy. You’re busy. I...

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15 Ingredients for Successful Advocacy

This year it's more important than ever for our members to talk to local and statewide elected officials about issues affecting you restaurant. We call this advocacy: the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal. What's better than advocating for ourselves and...

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Menu Labeling in Full Force and Effect

The time has come (finally)! Effective May 7, 2018, the menu-labeling regulation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially became the law of the land. This is a good thing - Find out why here. Does This Affect You? Restaurants and similar retail food...

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Tip Pooling Rules… What’s the big deal?

Finally a decision on tip pooling!  Restaurants have the direction we need to move forward in sharing tips with the heart-of-the-house (HOH) employees (kitchen, bussers and dishwashers) - under certain circumstances. For restaurants this clarification has been long...

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.05 Making Criminals of Good Citizens

.05 Making Criminals of Good Citizens If you live in New Mexico you know drunk driving is a problem. It seems that headlines consistently point to drunk drivers with multiple DWI charges killing someone while driving drunk for the 8th time. Most of these offenders are...

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NMRA Wants You To Be Ready For Your Health Inspection

9 Tips To Prepare for Your Health Inspection NMRA says the proper strategy for a successful health inspection is to be ready at all times. To stay ahead of the game, managers can conduct weekly, in-house inspections. Here are nine tips to help your team prepare: Use...

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