NMRA Customer Service Training

At NMRA we’ve been looking for a customer service training program that would help our members maximize their sales and profits. We found it!
Sales Stars Special Webinar Pricing $297

This special NMRA price goes away on October 29








The Restaurant Academy

Introducing…THE RESTAURANTROCKSTARS ACADEMY. Sign up today if you’re ready to build your brand and dominate your competition! This 5-Week Course will blow you away!

Sales Stars Staff Training Program

Online Restaurant Front Of House Training Solutions Designed For Owners, Managers, Trainers, Servers, Hosts and Busser’s. Your staff can complete the course together as a great Team Building Exercise or complete it individually. Perfect for maintaining flexibility with new hires. Super customizable for your staff training needs.

Rock Your Restaurant Book (PDF) + Audio Book

A Game Changing Guide to RESTAURANT FINANCES that will MAXIMIZE your PROFITS! Rock Your Restaurant is a powerful new tool for owners and managers with easy-to-implement financial systems and fully operational, downloadable spreadsheets.

How to Start A Mug Club

Learn how to build over-the-top customer loyalty by starting a highly successful mug club. Massive ROI with a side of FUN!

The Profit Maximizer Course

How To Maximize Your Restaurants Profits…And Start Making More Money NOW! The Profit Maximizer Training includes: How To Optimize Menu Profits, An Intro To Effective Staff Training and The Key To Strategic Brand Building. Everything you need to start taking action today to increase your Restaurants Profits!