Restaurant Technology Meeting Cutomers NeedsDoes your restaurant technology meet your customers’ needs? New Mexico millennials are tech-savvy consumers. From online ordering and tabletop tablets, to free Wi-Fi and mobile payment, there are a wealth of choices. The NMRA and QSRWeb has some ideas for you.

Check out the info below to discover what types of technology your customers want to use.

How are customers making reservations at restaurants?

79 percent of diners reported that they seldom make reservations when dining out. However, 75% indicated that they would like an online option. Therefore, this is an opportunity for your restaurant to step up to the plate. Fill those tables with the latest restaurant technology.

Online reservations

Think about connecting with OpenTable. It’s an online and app-based service. Diners can book a table at over 31,000 restaurants worldwide. According to their website, OpenTable patrons book a reservation every 2 seconds. If you haven’t already signed up with a service like this, it’s a great way to seat more tables. In addition, streamlined reservations can increase your business’s profits.

Online ordering

The ability to order food online is also very important to customers. In fact, 69% of consumers reported that online ordering is part of their daily lives.  The convenience of online ordering makes dining easier. Also, online ordering frees your employees  to focus on in-house customers. Plus, it adds to your bottom line. One of the most popular online ordering apps is GrubHub. It boasts large user base and share of the online market.

Tabletop ordering systems

Tabletop ordering is a hot trend for the industry.  Ziosk tabletop tablets are on 170,000 tables, in over 3,000 restaurants. It is used by popular chains like Chili’s, Red Robin, and Applebee’s. Like online reservation systems, tabletop ordering is a cutting edge way to increase server productivity.

How is restaurant technology effecting the dining experience?

Take a look at they key items you should offer.

  • Access to free Wi-Fi:  Don’t be left in the cold and give your competitors an edge. Around 68% of restaurants already provide free Wi-Fi. This is an investment well worth the cost.
  • Access to electrical outlets and charging stations: Why do this? Because diners appreciate a way to charge their tablets and smartphones while they dine.

How are guests paying?

Whatever dining experience you offer,  technology is a sound investment. Restaurant technologies drive more customers to your restaurant, turn more tables, and ultimately,put more money into your cash register. Take a deep dive into what technology can do for you here.