Food TrendsFast changing technologies aren’t going to change only the desk jobs of corporate America, they will also change the restaurant industry in ways many of us couldn’t imagine. The Dean of the Food Business School at the Culinary Institute of America William Rosenzweig has made predictions for the near future of restaurants. He believes that the focus of dishes will change completely in the near future to the point where instead of meat being the focus protein, diners are enjoying crickets and lettuce as their main protein source. This is just one of the many drastic changes that Rosenzweig predicts are going to occur. Thanks to fast improving personal tracking technologies like the fitbit, William also predicts that soon in the future consumers will be choosing their meals based on the nutrients they still need for that day. This could drastically change the modern menu and meal choices. These changes are just a few of the very fast coming changes according to Rosenzweig. These trends range from predictions about the personal consumer, agricultural efficiency and machines, the future of deliver, alternative proteins, and more.

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