Join us as we celebrate restaurants! We’re proud of our industry and we have a lot to celebrate! Here’s how restaurants rock New Mexico:

Some restaurant facts that ROCK:

1/2 of all adults have worked in restaurants.

1 in 3 first jobs are in restaurants.

95,800 New Mexicans are employed in foodservice, representing 11% of all of the employment in the whole state.

With sales of $3.4 BILLION, restaurants in New Mexico pay $290 Million in Gross Receipts taxes annually.

There are currently over 3,300 eating and drinking places in New Mexico.

90% of restaurants support local charities…  85% Give food, 79% Donate cash, and40% Provide space for events.

Want to see how we rock in person? Join us for the 2018 Hospitality Industry Awards on September 10th!