Russell Hernandez

Salud de Mesilla – Mesilla, NM

Their story goes like this: Salud! de Mesilla is the brainchild of Russell and his partner Christopher Schaljo. Owning a restaurant, however, was Russell’s dream. It was something he had always wanted to do. All of the success they have had thus far is possible not only because of Christopher and Russell’s vision but also because of their 34 dedicated employees who are free to give input. The majority of the kitchen staff has culinary degrees and each one has an area of passion. This passion ranges from Desserts to Sauces/Marinades to large catered events. Almost every dessert on the menu, is prepared in house by Milo who loves to bake and has created many of the scrumptious concoctions himself, hence the name of one of their new desserts: Milos Rocher Cake. “When we inspire passion amongst the team, we will create a unique and great tasting menu. I cannot wait to see what creative concoction our creative team comes up with next” Says Russell. It won’t be hard to make your way here. When you do come, expect to be surprised when even something as simple as chips and salsa is replaced by gorgeous rainbow bagels and butter. Or when an eatery -not typical for Old Mesilla like the trendy and chic, modern but cozy, fun and unique Salud! de Mesilla- keeps you coming back for more.

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Location & Contact Information

1800 Avenida de Mesilla Suite B.
Las Cruces, NM, 88005
(575) 323-3548