2020 was a particularly challenging year for the restaurant industry and we would like to help!  Double Eagle Property Tax has been working to save taxpayers money on their property taxes for over 35 years.  If you own your restaurant property, there is a good chance we can lower your assessed value for tax year 2021 and save you money on your property tax bill.  We have the knowledge, resources and expertise to present a case to achieve the fairest assessment possible.  The best part is our fee is based on your savings, so if we can’t save you anything, there is NO FEE.  We are offering a discounted fee to exclusively to members of the NMRA.  Our normal fee is 35% of your savings, but our Hospitality Industry fee for 2021 is only 30%.  The assessors in New Mexico counties will be sending out 2021 values around April 1st.  Once they mail, we only have 30 days to file an appeal. Contact us today or go to our website at https://doubleeaglepropertytax.com/forms/ and send in your forms now and let us try to ease your financial burden!


Double Eagle Property Tax