Serving NM Fund

An Employee Assistance Fund for New Mexico Restaurant Workers

The Serving New Mexico Fund offers financial assistance to restaurant and other hospitality workers facing an unanticipated hardship.

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Our Story

Hospitality Employee Assistance Fund

Many hospitality workers in NM have multiple jobs and very little savings so when hardship falls upon them they fall behind. Seeing this situation the industry came together and established this fund to grant employees funds when they need financial assistance.


Food operations joining the Serving NM Fund will give employees access to funds needed for unanticipated hardships.

$2.50 per employee, annual report of number of employees

Member of NMRA

Contract committing to Serving NM Fund

Use Round It Up within food operations where possible

Use marketing tools to inform employees of their access to the fund.


Employees in good standing working for a participating restaurant are eligible to apply for a grant from the fund.

Can apply twice in a calendar year

Grants may not exceed $1,000

Expenses covered:

  • Medical/Dental (unforseen injury)
  • Funeral Immediate Family
  • Auto Repairs
  • Rent/Mortgage
  • Utilities – Power, Gas, Water
  • Vet Bills (unforseen health)
  • Daycare


We invite you to be a part of this fund through your generous contribution.

Gold – $10,000

Silver – $5,000

Bronze – $2,500

Copper – $1,000

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