Senior blind gentleman sitting on a wooden bench with his labradServing the visually impaired shows that your restaurant cares about all customers.  Most restaurants are not equipped to serve the visually impaired even though there are 7 billion visually impaired people in the U.S. If you are not ready to serve a blind or visually impaired person, and you would like information on how to do so, we’ve found some great tips.

  1. Offer a Braille and a Large Print Menu – Most restaurants do not have a braille menu and do not have a way that a blind customer could find out what they would like to order, changing this could drastically change how many visually impaired customers are able to eat at your restaurant.
  2. Make your Website Accessible with an Audio Option
  3. Offer to guide visually impaired people to their table – If a visually impaired person is by themselves one of your employees should offer to guide them to their table.
  4. Ask about seating preferences

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