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Often times jobs in the hospitality and food service industry are not presented in the most positive an professional light, However many of the jobs require a high level of proficiency and precision to do them well. In the interest of providing workers in our industry a way to solidify their reputation and prove their abilities to potential employers, the ServSuccess program was born.

ServSuccess certifications provide restaurant employees a way to demonstrate and restaurant employers a way to gauge the skills, competencies and knowledge required for jobs in the industry. These new industry credentials, designed specifically for working industry professionals, offer a sort of “currency” in the employment “transaction” between industry workers and businesses, providing a reliable way to confirm the experience necessary for a given job.

ServSuccess professional certifications were developed in concert with leading industry experts and professionals to illuminate career paths for employees and reduce the churn for employers.

ServSuccess offers credentials at three career levels: Professional, Supervisor or Manager. So no matter the stage of your restaurant career, there is a certification appropriate to the knowledge and experience you’ve built.

How to get Certified

In order to qualify as a candidate for ServSuccess certification you simply have to meet the prerequisite requirements to sit for the exam. Although learning suites, courses and interactive study guides are available to help you prepare, taking and passing the exam is all you have to do to become certified.

  1. Select the certification appropriate to your career level
  2. Review and ensure you meet the prerequisites
  3. Gather documentation for validating your qualifications (resume, required certificates)
  4. Purchase the exam that’s right for you
  5. Complete your application
  6. Once your application is approved, contact a Registered Proctor in your area (additional fees may apply)
  7. Register in an exam session
  8. Pass the exam in order to earn your professional certification

Prove your knowledge and skills by getting ServSuccess certified. Expand your already-killer qualifications with learning suites or courses. Earn the right to work anywhere you want, starting right here.

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