summer hires

It’s time for summer hires! Your restaurant may also face the challenge of hiring and training summer help. An expert on summer hires, Bill Whiting, founder of “Waves for Success” offered his advice to the National Restaurant Association on how to recruit summer employees and bring out the best in them. Whiting recommends not only reaching out to high schools and colleges, but to also make recruiters of past employees. Whiting also says to keep in contact with employees when they leave and offer small rewards for returning to work the next summer, as well as rewards for recruiting.  To have success with your summer hires, he advises to:

Upgrade your recruiting – Reach out to high schools and make sure students can apply online.  With most teens, that is the best way to find work.

Train and motivate –  Young workers like instant feedback. Summer hires also like to be told why they are doing a task, not just how.

Plan for the future – Plant the seeds to follow up with your summer hires so they want to stay part time during the school year, or come back next summer.

National Restaurant Association has more tips and further details. More…