Providing access to medical experts and mental health professionals can be a huge help in recruiting and retaining employees. Ready to offer these benefits now?  Contact NMRA’s Membership Department to be connected with a representative.

NMRA is proud to offer members access to Teladoc.  For $9.00 per employee per month, you can provide your employees with access to doctors and therapists by phone, video, or app, with HealthiestYou.

It’s important to know that Teladoc is NOT INSURANCE.  It is a way for your employees to get simplified access to doctors and mental health providers.  The program does not replace traditional medical insurance and should not be considered as such.

That being said, we all know our industry is busy, and scheduling is hard.  We also need mental health support more than ever before.  This is a way to support your employees in these trying times.   Here is some of what can be included for your employees AND members of thier households.

  • General Medical – $0/unlimited visits– Talk to a doctor in minutes, 24/7 for non-emergency conditions
  • Mental Health – $0/unlimited visits– Build an ongoing relationship with a therapist or psychiatrist of your choice by appointment 7 days a week, including telecoaching, crisis intervention, digital programs
  • Dermatology  – $0/unlimited visits– Upload images of a skin condition and received a personalized treatment
    plan within 2 business days
  • Expert Medical Advice–  $0/unlimited visits– Medical experts can answer any medical questions, double-check a diagnosis, help you decide on a treatment plan, or provide guidance about a surgery
  • Nutrition $0/unlimited visits– Talk to a registered dietitian for a personalized nutrition plan or help managing a condition like diabetes or high blood pressure
  • Neck & Back Care $0/unlimited visits– Relieve your neck and back pain through guided videos with a certified
    health coach

Check out the National Restaurant Association’s Telehealth FAQ’s here.

View a quick 1 minute video on the program here.

Be an employer of choice by providing your team with what it takes to stay healthy.  Call NMRA today or email us to get connected with a representative.