Welcome to our new weekly video news short! The Dish – Takeout Edition will bring you all the important topics from our weekly newsletter in a short video format that is easy to digest on the go. Here is all the news for the week of June 7.

This week in The Dish Takeout We are featuring our Certified Online Employee Training throughout the month of June. We have a brand-new exclusive webinar to introduce our time-saving employee training program and a one stop shop to access the training. We also have an engaging blog detailing the trajectory of a hospitality career. Don’t forget to sign up to get The Dish texted directly to your phone each week.

Check out these links from the video:

Certified Training Webinar: https://bit.ly/JuneTraining

Webinar Certified Online Employee Training: https://www.nmrestaurants.org/certified-online-employee-training/

Career Trajectory Blog: https://www.nmrestaurants.org/blast-off-career-trajectory-in-the-restaurant-industry/

Fight Restaurant Fee Ban: https://p2a.co/P8k4sgl

Overtime Rule Update: https://www.nmrestaurants.org/2024-overtime-rule/

Register for Dish texting: https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/su/cxoq0tX/NMRASMS