Welcome to our new weekly video news short! The Dish – Takeout Edition will bring you all the important topics from our weekly newsletter in a short video format that is easy to digest on the go. Here is all the news for the week of November 17.

Check out these links from the video:

ServSafe Alcohol Webinar:https://bit.ly/servsafealcoholwebinar

What’s Hot Culinary Forecast: https://bit.ly/WhatsHot2024

Cyber Monday: https://bit.ly/CyberMondayNMRA

Holiday Alcohol Service: https://bit.ly/HolidayAlcoholServing

NMRA Legislative Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NMRAPolicyImpact

Tip Tax Credit: https://www.adessocapital.com/tiptaxrefund