Ugly Produce Makes Delicious MealsWhen it comes to ugly produce, you get more than meets the eye. Restaurateurs love a bargain. Keep costs low and your menu satisfying and tasty. “Ugly” produce make delicious meals.  In addition, more and more customers clamor for “green cuisine.” There are sustainable options that you may have ignored.  Restaurant Hospitality has some great ideas for you.  Perfect produce was  the only way to go for many kitchens. However,”ugly” produce is now a popular and affordable option. How?  “Ugly” produce makes delicious meals.

It seems chefs are fans of “ugly” and “imperfect” produce. Lumpy, bumpy, and banged-up fruits and vegetables are a new staple in a restaurant’s cooler. Chef Maneet Chauhan, owner of Chauhan Ale & Masala House in Nashville, Tenn., says one of the biggest problems is awareness.

“People have this perception that if it doesn’t look good, it’s not good enough to eat,”  says Chauhan.

In addition, Marra St. Clair, co-founder and operator of Project Juice states, “While the produce may not look as perfect….it’s nutritionally perfect and delivers awesome farm-fresh flavor.”

It appears the trend for less-than attractive produce has  also spread to chain food stores. It seems they understand demand is rising for home kitchens as well.

“Just a few years ago, there weren’t any large supermarkets selling ugly produce”…. says Jordan Figueiredo, anti-food-waste activist.

Indeed, New Mexico restaurateurs know that flavor-rich recipes are what diners demand. Therefore, using “ugly” produce is a simple, smart option.

Most of all, keep your customers clamoring for more the easy way. Give your menu a thrifty boost and your recipes a flavor edge with less than perfect produce. Bruised bananas and bumpy tomatoes are your menu-planning friend. Therefore, use these tips to make delicious and cost-effective meals. Please diners seeking sustainable meals and, therefore, keep the bottom line in the black. As a result, “ugly” produce  is a winner. For more information, check out the whole article here.