View Of The First Line Of Protesters Walking In The StreetUnion’s Smear Restaurants
The Right to Work legislation at the New Mexico state legislature is DEAD. Senate democrats continued their endless protection of unions over employees and job creators. Only one democrat voted for the Right to Work bill it never made it to the Senate floor for a full vote.

No matter what you think about unions you should know that they are targeting the restaurant industry with smear campaigns, (those of you who have experienced the “Shame On You” banner signs at your front door will understand personally that this is not a labor dispute, but a reputation smear campaign). Other union sponsored targeting of our industry includes the minimum wage initiatives (mostly funded by out-of-state Unions) and the recent national smear campaign by ROC (a union organization), about harassment in our industry. Union money is behind these campaigns. They are making restaurants look like bad employers which we all know is not the truth. Eventually they want to organize our workplaces. Unfortunately, they are winning. Let’s look at why.

Unions in NM 46,000 members
• 100% Mandated Membership Dues
• 46,000 paying members
• Average monthly dues $50
• Estimated Annual Dues Income $27,000,000
Restaurants in NM 4,000
• Volunteer Membership (Varying Dues Amounts)
• 1,100 paying members of 4,000 restaurants
• Average monthly dues $18 (of the paying members)
• Annual Dues Income $240,000
NMRA is doing everything we can to combat the Unions but we need full membership and an average dues amount of at least $50 per month. Ask your restaurant neighbor if they are members and tell them why they should be.
Help us help you!