Running a restaurant or bar is no small feat. Between managing staff, delivering exceptional customer service, and keeping operations smooth, there’s little time left to explore financial opportunities. However, there’s a substantial benefit many business owners overlook: the FICA Tip Credit. Adesso’s Tip Tax Credit program is here to help you turn employee tips into valuable tax credits, ensuring you receive the financial rewards you deserve.

What is the FICA Tip Credit?

The Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) Tip Credit allows restaurant and bar owners to claim a portion of the FICA taxes paid on employees’ tips as a credit against their own tax liability. If your employees earn tips exceeding the federal minimum wage, you can reclaim the FICA taxes paid on these tip earnings.

The Financial Impact

Many eligible businesses are unaware of the FICA Tip Credit, leaving millions of dollars unclaimed each year. Adesso’s Tip Tax Credit program helps you recover these funds. On average, our customers receive an additional $40,000 in tax credits annually. This significant amount can be reinvested in various aspects of your business, from upgrading equipment to expanding your services.

How Adesso Can Help

Adesso simplifies the process of securing FICA tip credits, combining financial expertise with a deep understanding of the restaurant industry. Here’s how we make it easy:

  • Expert Guidance: Our team of financial professionals manages the entire filing process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
  • Industry Experience: With over $1 billion secured in tax refunds, credits, and small business loans, Adesso is a trusted partner in the hospitality sector.
  • Advanced Technology: Our cutting-edge technology streamlines the refund process, making it faster and more efficient than ever.
  • Comprehensive Support: From eligibility assessment to filing claims, Adesso provides hands-on assistance to ensure you receive the full benefit of the FICA Tip Credit.

Collaboration with the New Mexico Restaurant Association

Adesso has partnered with the New Mexico Restaurant Association to offer specialized support for local restaurant and bar owners. This collaboration ensures that businesses in New Mexico are well-informed and supported in claiming their tax credits, helping them thrive in a competitive industry.

Take the Next Step

Exploring your eligibility for the FICA Tip Credit is quick and straightforward. Most businesses qualify for significant tax credits. Let Adesso help you claim the funds you deserve and enhance your financial health.

Make sure to register for our exclusive webinar on 5/29 @ 3 PM to learn how the FICA Tip Tax Credit can make a difference for your bottom line.

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Adesso and the New Mexico Restaurant Association are dedicated to serving you, ensuring you receive all the tax credits you deserve. Focus on what you do best – running a successful business – while we handle your tax credits.