You may think you know all there is to know about the latest scams. We all know by now to be wary of “princes” overseas looking for money, and we are getting better about spotting online schemes, but it is always a good idea to stay informed on the latest scams. Scammers use many different tactics to “lure” away your information and money. Tax time seems to make people especially vulnerable.  Criminals are getting more savvy, and even the IRS’s Get Transcript service was hacked.  The Albuquerque Journal recently outlined some of these latest scams, including:

  • A Chase Bank impostor site asking you to “verify” your information to alert you to suspicious account activity
  • Requests that seem to be from Human Resources or “higher ups” in a company, asking to send IRS documents like W-2’s and Social Security Numbers for groups of employees

Make sure you verify who is requesting information before sending ANY personal information online, and you can avoid becoming a victim of the latest scams.  More…