If you are a restaurant vendor or supplier, you know how valuable it is to get your information in the hands of the owners and operators.  Our guide has a statewide distribution of 4,500 and is mailed directly to restaurants all across the state.  Contact us to be included in the next guide and to hear about other ways to reach New Mexico’s restaurants.

If you own or operate a restaurant in New Mexico, you have likely already received your Buyer’s Guide.  This resource not only connects you with lots of quality vendors — it also gives great information and resources about the New Mexico Restaurant Association.  Let’s take a look.

Grab your guide, or view it page by page online by clicking on the cover image.  Can’t find it?  Here’s your first tip:  Keep your Buyer’s Guide in an accessible place so that you can refer to it whenever you need.

Let’s get to the meat of the guide:  Vendor Listings.  Jump to the center of the guide.  Here you will find vendors that can help your business succeed and grow– from accounting and legal help to purveyors, repair, and point of sale— and everything in between.  The best part?  These vendors are ALL members of our association.  They have “skin in the game” and are showing a commitment to our mission and your success!  This should be the first place you go to get what you need.  Don’t see a vendor you love?  Contact us so we can give them a call.  Also, check our online membership directory for new vendors that may have joined since the guide was published.

Utilize the table of contents to access the other areas of the guide:

  • CEO Remarks – This will give you a great baseline to what YOUR Restaurant Association is doing for you– especially in the realm of political advocacy.  Did you know that initially the legislature was proposing an instant minimum wage increase to $15 per hour with NO tip credit?  Our grassroots efforts were instrumental in educating these lawmakers and advocating for both operators and servers, saving members over $100,000 annually.  Membership dues help us keep fighting.  Not a member?  Join us here.
  • Board of Directors – Our board is active and dedicated.  They are the backbone of our efforts, providing guidance and leadership to all we do.  Visit with a Board Member in your area, or contact us for information on joining the board.
  • Who we are – Our mission and vision are clear– we are hear to protect and promote the restaurant industry in our state. Glance through to learn how membership is a no-brainer.
  • Staff Directory – We are here for you!  Think of our staff as the team of assistants that you wish you had.  Need advice on your social media?  Does an inspection report have you stumped? Need help calculating overtime for tipped employees?  Want to check on the next available ServSafe class?  We’ve got your back.
  • Members-Only Savings – These are our endorsed programs.  All of the listed providers have also been vetted by our Board of Directors.  Contact us to connect with them to get the maximum return on investment on your membership.
  • NMRA Sponsors – These are the cream of the crop!  These sponsor are more than members.  They have made an extra investment in NMRA’s success (and yours) by contributing sponsorship dollars to our causes of advocacy, education, and outreach.
  • Notes – Customize the section in the back of your guide.  Make it a quick reference of your Key Employees and your most called numbers, so you can have quick and easy access to the contacts you use most.

We hope you use this invaluable resource to help your restaurant grow and succeed.  After all, that is why we are here!  So, go forward and make your operation the best it can be with the help of vendors and suppliers who support the industry.