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"What Else Can We Talk About On The Call?"
  • Restaurant-Only Natural Gas Savings - Make sure to ask us how to save up to thousands of dollars on natural gas every year with this one little step. 
  • How To Get A Free Month Of NMRA Membership - Ask us about our current promotion - one month free trial of NMRA membership! 
  • Free Restaurant Legal Advice - Wondering if your current employments policies are up to date & legally sound? We can help you determine what else (if anything) you need to be legally protected. 
  • Restaurant Marketing Ideas - Want some ideas on how to better market your restaurant? We've seen what works for the best restaurants in New Mexico. Make sure to ask us for ideas. 
  • Operations Help - Want to run your restaurant more efficiently? We can show you what's already working great for others. 
  • Employee Training - Restaurant manager training, alcohol server training, food handler training, and more. When it comes to restaurant employee training we know the best options & lowest prices for restaurants in New Mexico. 
  • Current News, Legislation, & Events. It's hard keeping on top of everything. We will fill you in on everything you need to be aware of as a restaurant ower or operator right now. 
  • Anything else! Whatever questions you have about running your restaurant more successfully in New Mexico - we have answers or know where to find them. Just ask!

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