We have designed an approach for women managers/leaders considering their challenges, workplace variables, and differing ambitions. Through our extensive work with women, we know there are unique strengths that get buried or compromised. We want to deliver leadership skills that spotlight those assets so they can personalize their leadership style and leverage it in the workplace, making them more successful and reinforcing a rewarding career.

We believe in spaced learning for the delivery format, which gives the participants a chance to really dig in to consider their own situations. They then have some time to try out new concepts and skills, returning to a classroom environment as a safe place to discuss hurdles. You’ll see them forge stronger relationships among themselves as well, which has a host of benefits for the company, including higher employee satisfaction and lower turnover.

Tuesday, July 12

Session One:

You as a Leader-Manager, Responsibilities and Pitfalls 

Session 1 PDF: Download Here

Session 1 Video: Watch Here

Thursday, July 14

Session Two:

Interpersonal Styles and Making it Work with Others

Session 2 PDF: Download Here

Session 2 Video: Watch Here

Tuesday, July 19

Session Three:

Enhancing Interpersonal Communications: Simple yet Effective

Session 3 PDF: Download Here

Session 3 Video: Watch Here

Thursday, July 21

Session Four:

Motivating Others and the Issues Surrounding It

Session 4 PDF: Download Here

Session 4 Video: Watch Here

Tuesday, July 26

Session Five:

Managing Conflict and Giving Feedback

Session 5 PDF: Download Here

Session 5 Video: Watch Here

Print this worksheet and work on it to have ready for Thursday.

Thursday, July 28

Session Six:

Building Teams & Course Wrap-up

Session 6 PDF: Download Here

Session 6 Video: Watch Here