SUBJECT:    Make your New Year's Resolution to reduce your food waste! SENT
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Make a New Year’s Resolution to Reduce Your Waste Stream

and Divert Wasted Food for Better Use


Are you interested in cutting back on trash collection costs? Do you wish that your business could manage its food waste so that the material will be used for a higher purpose, not end up in a landfill?


There are many tactics available-- from reducing food waste through source reduction to setting it aside for composting or animal feed. For larger facilities, the possibility of donation to those in need is an option as well. The New Mexico Recycling Coalition (NMRC) has compiled best practices for managing food waste in your business. We have worked diligently with many partners, including the New Mexico Restaurant Association (NMRA), to develop this resource so you can wisely and safely implement these tactics to reduce food waste.


For a free online copy of “Managing Food Waste in NM” and other resources, click on the booklet above or vist the NMRC here.


Contact English Bird at NMRC: 

575-224-2630 or to learn more and to receive further assistance.


Let’s work together this year to make food a valuable resource in every way!


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