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Together we are strong. 1,200 individual restaurants understand that our collective industry voice is stronger than one single restaurant voice. NMRA represents the entire restaurant industry to elected officials at all levels of government and regulatory bodies.

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Our Message

Cornerstone of New Mexico Communities

The restaurant industry is a unique part of the fabric of New Mexico.

A cornerstone of every community.

We are an industry of first jobs and second chances.

Our members are an entry point into the job market for many. And a good stepping stone to a brighter future for everyone.

Commitment to New Mexico Communities

Our responsibility is to the backbone of New Mexico’s communities — Entrepreneurship and old-fashioned hospitality.

That’s why we are committed to breaking down the barriers of over-regulation, and empowering small businesses to do what they do best: Hiring in, and enhancing local communities.

New Mexico Minimum Wage Information

at this time there are 7 different minimum wages in New Mexico. NMRA is one of the only organizations that keeps a comprehensive, detailed webpage with all of the relevant information you need to pay your people correctly.

Our legislative menu is a hit with members as well as legislators. This synopsis of the issues effecting restaurants is clear, concise and easy to understand. If you are wondering about NMRA positions on issues it’s all here and we throw in some restaurant humor to make it all palatable.

It’s important that you know who represents you, in your voting/home district and at your restaurant. Get to know these folks ask them to coffee or lunch and talk to them about issues that are important to you. Call Carol at the NMRA office 505-343-9848 if you would like a refresher on the issues important to our members.

When this button is RED you know we need your help with an urgent alert to: contact your legislator or email a congressperson. Your individual voice is important to add to the collective voice. Legislators like hearing from constituents especially ones that own and operate businesses i n their districts.

Legal and Legislative Alerts

NMRA 2023 Hospitality Industry Awards Nominees

All the nominees are in, and our judges are tallying up the totals to honor the 2023 Hospitality Industry Awards winners for Chef, Restaurateur and Manager of the Year! Excitingly, we've added two new categories: the Face of Diversity Award and the Community Service...

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Ten Thousand Waves Requiring Vaccine Proof

Ten Thousand Waves Requiring Vaccine Proof

You may have seen the news lately that New Mexico Restaurant Association Member Ten Thousand Waves recently enacted vaccination requirements for lodging, indoor dining, and spa guests. You may have also wondered how that worked out for them. In what many considered a...

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2021 Liquor Law Changes

2021 Liquor Law Changes

Liquor License Tax Deductions clarified by the Taxation and Revenue Department What it is and who is eligible: Apparently there has been some confusion as to whether it is a deduction or a credit. It is a deduction. That means it lessens the taxpayer’s tax liability...

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Restaurant Employee Shortage

Restaurant Employee Shortage

Restaurants can’t find workers—why and what you might do about it. In New Mexico, seventy-nine thousand five hundred seventy-eight (75,578) people are still unemployed, yet we can’t get anyone to work. What the heck? There are many reasons for this phenomenon. The...

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Sobering Statistics September 2020

Here are some Sobering Statistics from September 2020. So much has changed for all of us in the last six months. It is time to take a look at the raw numbers of our industry and how we are all being affected. To be sure, restaurants are taking the virus seriously. We...

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