Angry Co-WorkersAlmost all of us reach that point where communication breaks down and you throw your hands in the air.  Nonetheless, without good communication your restaurant flounders, and your staff turns over and over.  Therefore, your customers start looking elsewhere.  No one wants that. Positive communication is the backbone of any successful enterprise. However,  many business owners put it at the bottom of the list. It’s understandable, since owners worry about revenue, vendors, location, traffic, and a host of other issues. The NRA wants to help you improve your skill set. Take a look at some tips, and keep your restaurant running smoothly and successfully.

5 tips turning communication breakdowns into breakthroughs

  • Use Training.  No one is a mind reader. Save wear and tear on you and your staff with clear expectations. Take the time to train up properly. Empower you managers to carry out team efforts.  Give everyone has the communication tools they need.
  • State, Clarify, Repeat. Remember that everyone has their own learning curve. Don’t assume a quick once over is enough. There’s nothing wrong with repeating your key expectation. Use simple, clearly written materials as well as face-to-face discussion.
  • Be Specific. Keep your message fresh and timely. Furthermore, don’t be afraid of using emails. In addition, use online bulletin boards or texts to reach employees. Make sure individual performance issues are handled in private, either by you or your managers.
  • Communicate beyond the pre-shift staff meeting. Leave messages for your team. If you send your schedule out in advance, use online add notes. However, meal crunch times mean verbal messages get lost, so back up with written material.
  • Emphasize accountability.  Most of allmake sure there are clear-cut lines of responsibility.

Content was provided by National Restaurant Association sponsor HotSchedules.