As the CEO of the New Mexico Restaurant Association, I cannot stress enough the importance of restaurant owners being actively engaged in the 2024 New Mexico Legislature elections. The decisions made by our legislators have a direct impact on our businesses, and it is crucial that we support the right candidates shaping the policies that affect us.

One of the most pressing threats we face is the potential for bad legislation to be passed by legislators who do not fully understand the intricacies of our industry. Take, for example, the proposal for Paid Family Medical Leave, which would increase payroll taxes for employers and employees. While the intention behind such legislation may be noble, the reality is that it could place a significant financial burden on our businesses and working families and hinder our ability to thrive and create jobs in our communities.

Furthermore, we are witnessing a concerning trend where legislators, who have historically supported businesses, are being targeted by super-progressive candidates in their districts. This poses a real risk to our industry, as we need to ensure that we have strong advocates in office who understand the vital role that restaurants and other businesses play in the economic well-being of New Mexico.

It is imperative that we, as restaurant owners, take an active role in the political process to support and elect candidates who comprehend the challenges and opportunities within our industry. By engaging with our elected officials, participating in advocacy efforts, and supporting pro-business candidates, we can work towards creating a legislative environment that fosters a thriving restaurant industry in New Mexico.

We must come together as a unified voice to emphasize the importance of sensible and balanced policies that support our businesses while also addressing the needs of our employees and communities. Our involvement in political elections is not just a matter of preference; it is a necessity for safeguarding the future of our industry and the livelihoods of those who depend on it.

The active engagement of restaurant owners in political elections is vital for preserving a conducive legislative environment for our businesses. We must stand together to advocate for candidates who understand the significance of businesses to New Mexico’s economy and are committed to enacting policies that support our industry’s growth and prosperity. Let us seize this opportunity to make our voices heard and ensure that our elected officials prioritize the well-being of our restaurants and the communities we serve.

Our vision is to improve New Mexico’s communities, jobs, and economy through a thriving food and beverage industry. We need the right politicians in place so we can see our vision to fruition.

More to come on specific candidates to support with your dollars and votes….