As the 2024 primaries approach, New Mexico’s political landscape is undergoing significant shifts. Incumbent legislators, particularly those who stood against the controversial Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML) bill, are now at the forefront of a critical battle.

The Paid Family Medical Leave Bill
During the recent legislative session, New Mexico lawmakers debated Senate Bill 3—a proposal to establish a statewide paid family medical leave program. While some hailed it as a solution to support workers, others voiced concerns about its economic impact and government overreach.

The No Votes
Several Democratic legislators put aside party lines and cast their votes against the bill. They cited reservations about its solvency implications of the fund and worries about putting a new tax burden on working New Mexicans when the state is flush with money. Notable among the vulnerable legislators are:

These incumbents now face internal challenges from progressive activists who seek to unseat them due to their principled stance against government overreach.

The Broader Implications
This primary contest highlights the need to continue to support moderate candidates in the face of progressive pressure. Candidates that prioritize fiscal responsibility and minimal government intervention are at risk of losing their seat to hardline progressives that have a party line to toe. The outcome of these races will significantly influence the legislature’s future direction and its stance on critical issues.

Your Decision Matters
As New Mexico voters head to the polls on June 4, 2024, they confront a pivotal choice. It is crucial for citizens to rally behind candidates who prioritize fiscal responsibility and respect individual liberties—even when facing pressure from within their own party. Remember “We Must Be Present to Win,” and support these candidates with your donations, attention, and votes. Let’s ensure that New Mexico’s businesses thrive under leaders who champion both economic growth and individual rights!